The Federal Republic of Nigeria is located in West Africa bordering the Gulf of Guinea in the south and lying between Benin in the West, Cameroon in the East and Niger in the North. It is the most populous nation in Africa with 160m people and an abundant supply of fossil fuels. The country adopted a new constitution in 1999, having seen 16 years of military rule, and underwent a peaceful transition to a civilian government. The country is roughly 50% Christian and 50% Muslim, with Muslims mainly occupying the Northern regions. The current President, Goodluck Jonathan, was elected in early 2011 following a brief period in power as the acting president after the tragic death, whilst in office, of the former leader Umaru Yar Adua. The climate is generally hot throughout the year, with a high level of humidity all year round. The wet season runs between April and October and annual rainfall can often exceed 200cm. The denomination of currency is the Naira. Key cities are Abuja, the nations capital, Lagos, the commercial hub and Port Harcourt, in the heart of the oil producing region.